Sunday, March 2, 2008

Utautai no Ballad - Bank Band

Sakurai said this song has a beautiful message to deliver at the end. I'm not sure about that (I'm not all that romantic you know) but just listen to his beautiful voice.

Utautai no Ballad
ah, utau koto wa
muzukashii koto janai
tada koe ni mi wo makase
atama no naka wo karappo ni suru dake

ah, me wo tojireba
mune no naka ni utsuru
natsukashii omoide ya anata to no mainichi

hontou no koto wa
uta no naka ni aru
itsumo nara terekusakute ienai koto mo

kyou datte anata wo omoinagara utautai wa utau yo
zutto ienakatta kotoba ga aru
mijikai kara kiiteokure ai shiteru

Ah, utau koto wa
muzukashii koto janai
sono mune no mekakushi wo sotto hazuseba ii

sora ni ukanderu kotoba wo tsukande
MERODI wo noseta kumo de tabi ni dekakeru

jounentsu no kanata ni nani ga aru?
ki ni naru kara ikou yo
mado no soto ni kitakaze ga
udegumi suru BIRU no kage ni fuku keredo
bokura wo nosete melody wa tsuzuku

kyou datte anata wo omoinagara uta utai wa utau yo
dou yatte anata ni tsutaeyou
ame no yoru mo fuyu no asa mo soba ni ite

HAPPII ENDO no eiga wo ima imeeji shite utau yo
konna ni suteki na kotoba ga aru mijikai kedo kiiteokure yo,
ai shiteru...

Want to sing
Ah, singing
It’s not a difficult thing to do
Entrust your body to my voice now
Just empty your mind

Ah, if I close my eyes
I can reflect everything inside my chest
Things like the dear memories I had with you everyday

They can be found in songs
Even embarrassing words that I can’t say

However today I think back about you and
I wanna sing this song
There are always words I could not say
It’s short but please hear me, I love you

Ah, singing
It’s not a difficult thing to do
It’s better that I slowly remove this heart’s blindfold

I catch the words that rise into the sky
Riding the melodies on a cloud
I go out traveling

What is there in this passion’s spot?
Because we can reach this mood, let’s go
With the north wind outside the window
We fold our arms as the wind blows on the building’s shadows
The never ending melody rides on us

However, today I think back about you and I wanna sing this song
Somehow I’m gonna let you know
Even on the rainy nights and in the winter mornings, I’ll be by your side
Now I’m singing with the image of a movie’s happy ending in my head
Although short, there’s such a wonderful word and I want you to hear
I love you…

I first heard this remake of Kazuyoshi Saito's song by Bank Band on Music Station. Of course watching it at 10 am in the morning is not my idea of fun. Soon after I go back to sleep the song was forgotten. Until...Arbet put it up in his blog. Now the song's burnt into my head. I tried to translate the song. What? Procrastinators translate songs??! Well, if you asked (Arbet did) and if it's my fav song I'd gladly do it. He put the translation up in his blog already but I just had to put it up in mine too. *Psst* And of course ADD the note that I do NOT guarantee the accuracy of the lyrics. It's my first time ever translating okay. He didn't make that disclaimer on my behalf. I have to make that declaration so nobody can laugh at me. Buueeekk!

If, after listening to this song, you like his voice as much as I do, let me tell you a bit about him. Sakurai is the lead singer in Mr. Children (my fav!) and also in Bank Band which he and his producer friend Takeshi Kobayashi formed to promote ap bank which they started with composer Sakamoto Ryuichi. Ap bank is a non-profit financial institution which loans money to various environmental friendly projects.

Sakurai, mijikai kedo, kiiteokure, aishiteru!


joyfulchicken said...

Like many Japanese singers, this guy sounds constipated :-|

Arbet said...

Alright, I already added the disclaimer! =P

Josh, at least they don't sound like those annoying rap stars. =P

runawaycat said...

JC - No he doesn't!

Arbet - Yay! :P
I agree with Arbet. True. Very true.