Monday, March 31, 2008

Everybody rock your body...or rocker rock your body?

I just discovered a MV by L'Arc~en~Ciel, a Japanese rock band which has a dance at the end of their song. A rock band dancing. A really cool dance too. And it's very synchronised which makes it cooler (Who in their right minds would put an unsynchronized dance in their MV right?)

Cool, huh? Especially how their back looks like a wave when they uh...bent down, whatever. I don't know what this word may mean to you but I just feel like saying it. Kinky! (no it's not that, don't go there)

This dance sorta reminds me of Backstreet Boys' song 'Everybody' (yea...rock your body yea...) Haha. I bought that album when I was 12. So long ago. 1,2,3...10 years ago! Tsk. I'm rotting old.

Here's the vid. Incidentally the dance is around the beginning so no waiting :P And nail cutter *ahem* Nick Carter's voice is like so 'ah boy' hahahaha!

Sigh. Ii desu ne, dansu wa?

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