Saturday, March 15, 2008

Humans, the ugliest creatures in this world

I’m so sick of this. Everyone, although fully grown adults (so grown that they’re probably starting to rot already), still cannot think like one. Every division only thinks of themselves and yet they want to be one. But open your eyes, especially those who stresses on wanting to be one. You’re still referring to different divisions as separate entities. How is that one?

Everyone wants a piece of the cake. They say share. But some wants a bigger share. They say it’s only fair. Makes you wonder the definition of fair. I’m so sick of this I don’t care. If there’s a place we could all go, we should. Then they can have the cake to themselves and we’ll just see how long before the cake finishes and they start to starve. Let’s see how they bear.


Arthur Bhenedict said...

Wow! You sure are riled up!

joyfulchicken said...

Hmm... sounds like a rant against socialism :-P

Raein said...

We're ugly creatures? Hmm. Nothing a good make over can't cure.