Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's not easy to be me

I think the song is Kryptonite or maybe Superman; well it’s somewhere along those lines. It was on air the other day and while listening to it I found one line quite inspiring. “It’s not easy to be me.” It’s got a strong meaning doesn’t it? Like when you think you’ve got all the world’s burden on your shoulder, you think, it’s not easy to be me. Then you’d feel like you can accept and be ready for whatever that’s on your way. You’d think, hey, I’m a big, important person!

If you wake up and find that you have a bad hair, think, It’s not easy to be me
If you’re in the toilet having a constipating episode, think, It’s not easy to be me
If your boss gives you an impossible amount of work to do, think, It’s not easy to be me

Yea, yea, I know you got my point. I’m beginning to sound redundant aren’t I? Well, it’s not easy to be me. I have to make sure the message gets through without being twisted and manipulated into something totally different and hazardous (to me).

Sigh. I have an almost impossible list of things to get started with, in a procrastinator’s opinion. It’s not easy….to be…me.