Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY 2008

HAPPY 2008!!!

Do I look like I’m overdoing it with all the exclamations? I’ll offset it with a *sigh*. What the heck am I saying? Whatever.

I missed the chance to tell my friends “see you next year” today. And before I know it, it was already 2008. Now I have to wait a whole year. Great. Then I thought, there are still many other countries that are still in 2007. Imagine yourself looking at Earth from space, you would see balls of colourful lights moving from one side of Earth to another as people start to countdown to the new year. No? Shut up.

So…for the fun of saying it, See you next year!

(I could edit the time of this post to make it 2007 but…never mind)

P.S. Next year, read all about my family dinner and my new year eve!


gianne said...

happy 2008 to you!!!! cant believe i havent wished u wtfwtfwtf (<-- purposely put wan ahahahhahah)

you know, that's a really awesome thought! it'd be like a mexican wave of lights for aliens... i love that idea!!

runawaycat said...

Again, your words...hahahah! Happy 2008!