Saturday, July 5, 2008

What flavour are you?

You know I’ve got used to the dollar so much so that the price of everything in ringgit seems small here. It makes me wanna buy. I can’t imagine how it would be like if I came back from UK or something.

Anyway that’s not what I wanna say here. Today’s topic is about condoms. Condoms are interesting blogthings though they sometimes get you into trouble in this highly conservative we-encourage-the-spread-of-aids country. Well it won’t be about vibrating condoms today. Today it will be about flavours.

Don’t ask me why or how but we joined a product training and one of the products happened to be Durex. Out of the wide range of Durex condoms, one had flavour. So my innocent guy friend decided to ask a highly sophisticated question in a highly intelligent manner.

“What are the flavours for? Why did they have to incorporate flavours into condoms?” (Imagine Einstein asking Hawking about the big bang)

My girl friend pretended not to hear his question. Now if you don’t know what the flavours are for, you won’t find this funny and (shame on you!).

She repeated his question to us and we felt like bursting into laughter. A guy asking that question! Doesn’t the other guy sitting next to him know the answer?

Apparently not. Thirsty (or rather, hungry) to know why, that friend of mine (oh where should I hide my face?) raised his hands during the Q&A session.

“What are the flavours in the condoms for?”


Of course he got his answer in a highly professional manner. No bursts of laughter. Boring.

What I find unbelievable is when we told others about this nobody laughed. Instead we got questions like, “So what are the flavours for?” and “I thought it was so it wouldn’t smell?” -_-“ Citizens of a conservative country indeed. Now, when I meet my high school friends and if they don’t laugh, I’m gonna bang my head against the wall. So please, for my loving head’s sake, laugh.


philos said...

Hmm... ok, I used to think this was to make giving oral sex more palatable to women, but really, who does oral sex using a rubber prophylactic?

Btw, after reading and re-reading your blog, I couldn't see what the answer to his question is...

runawaycat said...

I intentionally left that part out so true idiots can remain idiots and not bother me with their phenomenal discovery. But yea that's the answer. You're right.

Well, it doesn't have to be entirely oral right? Plus the taste is there like you said, to make it more palatable.

宝茹 said...


That's really gross~~

runawaycat said...

Which is gross? Oral sex or my friend? Hahaha :P

宝茹 said...

Oral sex. :P what are the flavors anyway? I really don't know. Like chocolate and vanilla??

runawaycat said...

Strawberry, banana, and orange. Why banana?? Might as well put durians.

joyfulchicken said...

@philos: Um, ever heard of STDs? :-P

@km: Why is it gross? :-(

宝茹 said...

That's...interesting. :P

Gross, it's just too weird~~ I can't imagine it.

kopi said...

i'm interested to know the highly sophisticated answer he got

One who now Knows said...

Variety! this is no Variety! if you want Variety go to ONE condoms. there is a mixed pleasures set that is straight from the factories and all the artwork on them is different,yes they contain artwork on the front of each of the rounded wrappers. and you can get different sets of artwork on top of these wonderful. try them out yourselves.Condoms are so easy to come by.
like they sell comfortable, easy to apply.
these even include a glowing ONE tell me that isnt kinky!

runawaycat said...

kopi - It's highly unsophisticated. She just said, "The flavour is actually for oral sex." Geez he's such a bore, asking such questions.

Spam? - I'm not going to visit that site. Not. Not.