Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My stuff have legs

Things I own have legs. They have mutated. Just the other day I couldn’t find my newly photocopied notes. I could swear I flipped over all my notes and I still couldn’t find it. I don’t know why but this happens every semester, I’ll somehow manage to misplace my notes. F*ck (I’m polite today, Alzheimer’s can’t be rude, I don’t remember why)

Luckily I did not photocopy another set because it showed up yesterday, nicely tucked in its folder. Anyway, I’ll give it the benefit of doubt – it doesn’t have legs.

The story doesn’t end there however. That set of notes is still there, I think, but my student card has disappeared. Completely vanished into thin air. I think the last I saw it was on Saturday, the day I bought a new wallet. I could swear it was still around when I switched to the new wallet.

I’ve searched everywhere (ok so maybe not everywhere, just everywhere possible) but I still can’t find it. My head hurts. This is not funny. I can’t f*cking find it!

Things don’t disappear. That defies the law of…law of…indestructibility of matter. Molecules don’t just disappear and David Copperfield is a liar. Now where the hell is my student card?


philos said...

In your old wallet.

joyfulchicken said...

Ha! Legs! This proves that evolution is real. Take that, Philos.

runawaycat said...

Philos - Did you think I didn't search there? I've searched everywhere. That stupid card better walk right out soon.

宝茹 said...

Hahahahaha...I just noticed the label for this post. I was hoping there were more posts under this. :P