Monday, September 8, 2008

A case of OLCD?

Geographically, I could get into trouble for putting the following photos on the web. We were assigned to go to a clinic this week. What makes this place worth mentioning is that everything in the office is labeled. Everything!

Take the standing fan and the chair for example.

Sorry for the bad quality. It only reflects the standard of my cheap phone. Geez, the MP3 installed in it just kamikaze-d itself the other day.

Here’s another one which almost made me explode into laughter – a labeled wall clock.

And finally, I don’t think anything can beat this. This is like the jaw-dropper of all things you can ever label.

Even the fluorescent light tube is labeled -_-“

A case of OCLD – obsessive-compulsive-labeling disorder?

P.S.: This post fits perfectly for its 'label'.


philos said...

haha... I've met people like that :p

runawaycat said...

What's the most unimaginable thing they labeled?

joyfulchicken said...

I'm thinking about labeling my hands so that I don't forget which one is left and which one is right.

philos said...

I don't know about unimaginable, but they labeled food in the ref.

runawaycat said...

JC - So did you label your hand afterall?

Philos - Huh? Labeled food! I don't know what to say...Maybe they keep artificial food there so you don't confuse which can be eaten and which cannot...

CY said...

I've got a colleague who labels his chair with his FULL name in BIG, BOLD letters, at the arm rest.

I think that's pretty OCLD.

runawaycat said...

That's not as bad. I label my stuff with my name when I was a kid. But to label a chair with the words 'chair'...that's like...what else could it be? A table?