Friday, November 2, 2007

Mr. Scribbles

I lost Mr. Scribbles and I thought I would never see him again. How wrong was I.

Mr. Scribbles is actually a small little black notebook I use to pen down whatever idea that forms in my mind, be it for a blog entry or for a story, before it fades away. I gave him a name just for the purpose of writing this.

Just a few days ago I realized Mr. Scribbles was gone. Scribbles Sr. is still around but Mr. Scribbles wasn’t in his rightful spot on my desk anymore.

He’s been gone for a long time and I was too ignorant to realize that. Maybe because I didn’t find much use of Mr. Scribbles lately as I was too preoccupied with things I’d rather not be occupied with.

Of course the quick thinking me thought about the possibilities of finding Mr. Scribbles at my work place. No, actually, I looked around the house for it till I was about to go crazy. That’s how important Mr. Scribbles is. Then today I went to my work place just to see if Mr. Scribbles is there.

“Did you see a small black notebook?”

“How small? This small?” my boss said as he made a small little ‘o’ with his fingers. “Yea, I saw one. It was a blank notebook right?”

I looked and I found it. My Mr. Scribbles! It not empty but I’m glad he thought it was. I wouldn’t want anyone peeking into my thoughts. Or maybe he already did.

On the side note, I’ve finally thrown away most of my shoe boxes and most of them had shoes inside. All my shoes are gone. I just realized I’m left with one black heel which I’ll never wear anymore (I just don’t have the heart to throw it away) and a platform shoe. So if I don’t want to settle for flat shoes I’ll have to go with the big, chunky platform. I need new shoes. How are the shoes in Philippines? I’m excited haha.

If you read the previous entry, I’m sure you know about me and my drama sickness. I’m starting to watch old dramas again, ones which I can’t quite remember the storylines anymore. I started with episode 1 of Strawberry On the Shortcake last night and my, must I say, it’s good. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a little here. But still, it’s making me feel inspired. Ahh, the feeling of being inspired. And I’m reserving the final episode of Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake for tonight. I have a feeling it’s going to be sad. I’ll have to sleep it off. I hope I can do that.

I know you don’t want to read about this, but who should I to tell if not you, right? Anyway, you won’t have to hear me dwell about it much longer because I’m going to start a drama blog. Hmm…when will that be?

Anyway, welcome back, Mr. Scribbles.


Cometh said...

Get a PDA...

then u can even put a password to it..

then it would be called MR. Point Point...


Thank me now...


joyfulchicken said...

Poor Mr. Scribbles. Maybe he ran away because he felt ignored.

Lyn said...

Old dramas? Me too! Watched Love Revolution on crunchyroll last week. Its funny how you find lots of stuff to do near exams but when exams are over and you're free, you're bored to death with nothing to do =D Yabuki-kun! *DROOL*

CY said...

If you draft your blogposts in Mr Scribbles as you said, then definitely your boss is in one of the scribblings, right? ;)

runawaycat said...

Cometh - Mr. Point Point! HAhhahaha! I'll thank you when you get me a PDA :P

JC - Did yours run away after you ignored him?

Lyn - Yea I know what you mean. It happens to me every sem. Crunchyroll is great isn't it? But you have Love Revolution VCDs! Can't wait till you get home next year huh :P
And watching them 5 years ago and watching them now, feels different. But I still love it. They're inspiring!

CY - Uh oh. I didn't think of that. I'm not sure if any of the work entries are there and I don't want to know. I'll remain blissfully ignorant.
By the way he doesn't seem like a person who would care about a black notebook and what's inside. I think. I hope. No, I'm sure. I'm trying to make myself feel better aren't I? :P

宝茹 said...

I can give you a shoe shopping tour if ever you are in the Philippines. :D

Some cheap shoes, some expensive shoes~ Hehehehe...take your pick. :P

Strawberry shortcake? Is that suppose to be a cartoon...@_@

I have a Mr. Scribbles sort of too! :) -- where I draw my inspiration. :D Now if ever mine got lost...@_@

runawaycat said...

Actually I will be visiting Philippines :P

Nope it's a japanese drama. S.O.S heard of?

So you're like an aspiring artist? Hehe :p

宝茹 said...

Really, when, when? Where specifically in the Philippines? :P

Nope, I haven't heard of S.O.S. But there is a cartoon, I think, of Strawberry Shortcake, I think~~ hehehehe

Me, an artist? No~~~~ hahahahaha, I don't draw, I don't paint.

runawaycat said...

In the 3rd week of Nov, Manila.
There are many animes with the word strawberry in its title - ichigo

Then? Instead of using words you draw, no? Or are they those cute stick figures?

宝茹 said...

Cute stick figures--yup, just about my level, hehehe...